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An Intelligent PaaS + IoT sensors

Solution sets - summary

AioT Provides Enterprise Data Centric Solutions leveraging IoT and LoRaWAN networks in order to improve customer experience and lower costs.   


Customer experience is improved by providing a customized experience, better use of time, and higher level of enjoyment.


Lower cost is achieved via utility savings in energy, water, data, automation and efficiency.


Previously these data centric solutions have been expensive, limited in capability and cumbersome to deploy.  AioT is able to provide the solutions at little to no cost to the customer,  subsidized by our data collection and distribution.

Hotels / Resorts

Power Consumption & Customer Experience Operational Efficiencies Hospitality & Lodging


Legacy Energy Efficiency Opportunities don’t measure up:


Smart Room software provides online control, temperature, lighting, services to enhance customer experience.   Hardware is minimal per room and includes a 65W GAN USBC in wall charging port to benefit guests.


Sensors can detect, report, and create notifications for  air quality, noise level, door entry, data usage, temperature, humidity, running water, hallway items, conference room and gym usage down to equipment, people count, spa and pool data, parking lot data and security.


Energy Example

On average $2,196/yr  per room is spent each year on energy. This represents about 6 percent of all operating costs.  


Using AioT Sensors with a correctly implemented energy usage plan,  can net hotel owners and operators significant cost savings, while enhancing guest comfort, and demonstrating the brand’s commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. 

Current standard operating procedures for capturing and resolving energy inefficiencies are particularly resource intensive, and require development of an energy team to pursue energy efficiencies in different departments, and investing in technology that is both expensive to implement and maintain.


Another hurdle for hotel conglomerates is the challenges posed by costly upgrades to existing infrastructure and downtime or guest inconvenience associated with system downtime. Hotel staff commitments to meet goals of energy conservation cannot be overstated in the current framework. 


Previous analysis in hotels indicated that occupancy rate plays a key role to the total hotel building energy consumption. However, none of the previous studies quantified the impacts of occupancy behavior nor offered real time 24/7 data feeds to establish usage trends. 


Additionally, the current generation of hotel automation and monitoring solutions are based on a Low Range Wireless Network architecture limited to a few meters of range, dependent on existing hotel network architecture, and impacted by thick walls and elevator shafts.


Cost Effective Investments:

AioT addresses the current challenges faced by hotel owners and operators,  by leveraging our enterprise suite solution, to collect and distribute relevant data that can be used to drive key cost mitigation strategies.  


Iterative Process:

The overarching methodology used to calculate potential analytics driven energy savings for a hotel

Occupant Behavior Tracking:

The AioT energy utilization solution captures additional parameters not included in traditional hotel energy efficiency systems:

1.  Monthly average temperature set-point 

2.  Plug usage factor for occupied room 

3.  Monthly average temperature set point 

4.  Plug usage factor for occupied room  

5.  Water metering for occupied rooms 

6.  Water metering for unoccupied rooms 


Based on the occupancy rate, the hotel building is divided into three major blocks: common area, occupied room and un-occupied room. A new baseline is established and the delta between established baseline and retrofitted baseline is measured. 


All above metrics can be readily captured using AioT products.


1.   LoRaWAN network 

2.  Ease of Maintenance

3.  Kitchen Ventilation/Pool Operations Monitoring Systems 

4. Lighting and Security Notifications



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